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Bluff City Deals. National Woman trafficked girls she was entrusted to help, police say The facility is supposed to be a safe haven for adolescent girls, some who have already been victims of child sex trafficking. Poll reveals most important issues of Tenn. Vaping-related death reported in west Tenn. Tennessee Department of Health says a person in West Tennessee died from a vaping-related illness. Donald Trump Jr. Published October 24, at PM. Major violent crime and domestic violence down in Memphis; leaders still concerned Memphis and Shelby County saw a drop in overall, major violent and property crimes from January through September of this year.

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West Memphis gives second chance to former state official convicted of federal crimes West Memphis's new Director of Community Relations made headlines in for pleading guilty to taking bribes while serving as deputy director of Arkansas's Department of Human Services. More than 30 storage units burglarized after storm An employee said she was checking unit locks around 10 a.

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Consumer Reports investigates: Is it safe for babies to sleep in car seats? Consumer Reports investigated. National Lion Air crash report points to Boeing, pilots, maintenance An accident report says a Lion Air flight crashed, killing people last year, because the pilots were never told how to quickly respond to malfunctions of the Boeing Max 8 jet's automated flight-control system. Follow our social media. Bluff City Weekend.

Community Calendar. Elementary school structurally sound, school back in session Monday Governor Hutchinson says he and his administration stand shoulder to shoulder with the city of Tyronza and other areas of Arkansas damaged by tornadoes.

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One group is seeing the best of a national corporation. New program offers healthy meals to Frayser families for free Dozens of Frayser families will soon be getting healthy meals for free. After-care canceled due to power outages Shelby County Schools has canceled after-school programs today due to power outages.

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UofM track and field athlete arrested for rape A University of Memphis track and field athlete was arrested for rape in East Tennessee. Donations needed at elementary school after tornado in Tyronza East Poinsett County School District shared a list of items they are collecting to assist the staff at Tyronza Elementary. Published October 24, at AM. Impulsive behavior linked to screens, sleep A new study says all that recreational screen use may lead to poor decision making.

Are supplements good for your heart or a waste of time? About 75 percent of Americans take some kind of dietary supplement. But do they really work? Is this Memphis mansion-turned-museum haunted? Engineering is an important part for studying this branch as the hydro dynamics are largely clumsy and need expertise to have a look at. The study shows that the earth science side has helped with the research work and study of this field work. Like all the other branches of physical geography, hydrology also has some sub-fields which helps in examining the different aspects, they are: Eco hydrology and limnology.

Geomorphology is the subject which deals with the study of the surface of the earth. It helps in defining a linear process which is occurring in the present and also which have occurred in the past.

Geomorphology also has two sub-fields which are fluvial geomorphology and desert geomorphology. These fields deals with the study of some specific landforms which consists in various environments. One of the common thing between these fields is that the fact that these are all united by the core processes which shaped them, which was mainly tectonic or climatic processes.

The various dynamics and landform history is studied by geomorphology and also predicts the changes which re going to appear because of the combination of field observation, some numeric modeling and physical experiment. Some of the topics of geomorphology also touches the fields of soil science experimentation.

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The study of ice sheets and glaciers or anything which is related to cryosphere or commonly known as ice is called glaciology. Ice sheets are grouped under the name of continental glaciers and glaciers as alpine glaciers. The research work done in this subject is moreover same but the dynamics of both ice sheets as well as glaciers are differently oriented. The ice sheets tends to be shaped by the interaction between the present climate and its changes and the ice sheets, on the other hand the glaciers are concerned with the impact that they have with the landscape.

There are various other sub-fields which are there in glaciology, snow hydrology and glacial geology. These two fields also examine the different different processes and factors of the glaciers and ice-sheets. Biogeography deals with the science of various geographic patterns which classifies the species distribution as well as the various patterns of it. Alfred Russell Wallace is known as the father of this fields study. He approached this field with a descriptive and outlook approach and have made some good observations. Evolution and plate tectonics have played a very significant part in the founding of the main observations for this field.

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These have become the main stimulus for biogeography. There are five main sub fields of biogeography: zoogeography , Phytogeography , paleobiography, island biography and phylogeopgraphy. It is the interdisciplinary study of our atmosphere which focuses mainly on the weather processes having very short term forecasting. It is one of the most scientific study of the physical geography. The studies and conclusions derived, dates back to many years and decades. The 18th century is considered a significant leap in the study of meteorology as amazing phenomenon and events were observed during this time.

These are usually illuminated events.

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Climatology is the study of climatic conditions which are also called as the weather conditions which are studied and averaged over a long period of time. This subject covers both the nature of macro or global and micro or local climatic conditions. The anthropogenic as well as natural influences which occur on them are also studied. The sub fields which divide different parts of this subject are, tropical cyclone rainfall climatology as well as the paleoclimatology. The climatic study differences are divide on the basis of the various different regions.