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But no one can be persuaded like this again. But he also said that if someone wanted to see it today, the error wouldn't be in showing it, but in how they were raised. I would agree with his argument, but I don't share his conclusion that the films should be made available.

'Joker' Review: Great Film.. or Propaganda?

Hitler loved the music of Richard Wagner and was a special guest in Bayreuth. While much has been said about Wagner in the Nazi era, the Bayreuth Festival has launched a new lecture series to dig deeper. The Auschwitz Museum plans to tour Europe and North America with a unique exhibition of items from the former Nazi death camp. More than one million people died at Auschwitz during the Holocaust. He was the grandson of composer Richard Wagner and like a stepson to Adolf Hitler.

This Chinese Propaganda App Is Designed to Spy on You

The Nazis wove anti-Semitism into their films, often quite subtly, as part of their propaganda scheme. How should these films be treated today? The Free Democrats touted its education policy with an ad on Twitter that featured a man fixing mispelled far left and right slogans. Critics slammed FDP for being tone deaf and trivializing Nazi slogans.

A century ago, the opulent Ufa-Palast cinema opened in Weimar Berlin and became a venue for celebrated premieres — and later Nazi propaganda. Badly bombed, it was reborn as the Zoo Palast and remains a cinema icon. Author, journalist and actor Theodor Wonja Michael, who has died at the age 94, survived the 20th century in Germany working in human zoos, as a film extra during the Nazi era, and as a spy during the Cold War.

For international fans, nobody gives a better impression of the quintessential Brit than John Cleese. The Monty Python co-founder has been facing criticism for his political remarks. He now turns Thomas Meyer, the author behind the Swiss entry for the Oscars, just published a sequel to his novel: a satire on anti-Semitism and conspiring far-right terrorist groups.

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Then the attack on a synagogue in Halle happened. Berlin is known for creative spaces and freedom of expression. It attracts artists, musicians, and clubbers from all over the globe. But the scene is changing. The art world is becoming richer and more diverse. Artists from Africa, Latin America and Asia are increasingly gaining the international attention that they deserve.

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In Venice, their works are proving a real visitor magnet. We asked you to send in a photo of yourself doing your favorite sport.

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Working women. Archives administration. Civil service. Export Citation Export to NoodleTools. Export to RefWorks. Overview Conducts a comprehensive art historical review of Nazi poster art Compares National Socialist posters and posters from the Weimar Republic Over color illustrations. For the first time, this book extensively examines Nazi propaganda posters through the lens of art history.

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